UNIUVC began with a meaningful vision where innovative technology is applied with cutting-edge design to help people live a worry-free clean lifestyle, leading to more self awareness in a health conscious world.

Does UV-C LED sterilization work? 
UV-C Light Sterilization has long been recognized in the professional field as a effective disinfectant means. It has been frequently deploy in the medical community as a excellent alternative option in sterilization. It has been widely used in many products because UV-C LED light effectively eliminates almost all the germs and bacteria; 99.99% by destroying the DNA & RNA. 

Sterilization is even effective to foul smelling scents!
Besides eliminating 99.99% of almost all germs, UV-C LED light can also reduce foul smelling scents by breaking the molecular structure of odor, such as milky smell of feeding bottle, residue of medicine, sour smell of drink ware. In all of our UV-C type sterilization products we also including a UV-C Test Strip Card, allowing them to smell and see the effectiveness of our sterilizers. 

UNIUVC UV-C Sterilization effectiveness can be seen visually! 
UV-C LED sterilizing process can be seen under a microscope. We are fully aware some consumers are naturally skeptic on products effectiveness if it cannot be seen. As most of the public don't have access to a microscope, in many of our products we include a UV-C Test Strip Card to allow our consumers to see it work. 

UNIUVC LED sterilizer vs other UV-C sterilizers in market
UNIUVC uses UV-C LED type light bulb, using a semi-conductor disinfection wavelength, excluding the use of mercury bulb; Researches have shown wavelengths concentrating from 260-280nm for the most effective sterilization zone in eliminating most viruses, hence our UV-C led light bulbs are designed to be in this range.

Many UV-C type lights comes in mercury lamp or  "tube" type, especially the previous generation products. We don't used mercury tube type UV-C type light, instead we opt to use "LED" light. This is due to several factors. Led type UV-C its safe; as well as longer lifespan (10,000 hours vs 1,000 hours) Additionally it is eco-friendly along with instant sterilization; where others sterilizers take up to 5-10 minutes, our UV-C LED type bulb can sterilize in 1 minute.

Besides being quick and saving time waiting for your items to be sanitize, it serves another purpose. Many researches have shown that material won't be damaged until being continually 500-1000 hours exposed under UV-C light. Because our UNIUVC sterilization process is in 1 minute, our quick intermittent sterilization wont cause any product damage.

UNIUVC's Journey
UNIUVC came into business in 2020. 

It's been a great year so far. More so than ever, people place a premium on sanitizing. The world is more aware of virus and taking extra precautions to protect themselves and their love ones. From our efforts, we want to play a small role in helping to world eliminate areas where virus can be transmitted. 

Disinfection, clean houses, businesses, and places we go to every day is a new way of life. We're here to stay and we're determined to help bring this change to the world.

Information, Reliability, and Service
With an abundance of UV-C products, we understand misinformation and exaggeration of many industry products. We're determined to give accurate information, reliable and safe procedures, and excellent service.
That's why for all our UV-C type sterilization products we are including a UV-C Test Strip that can show our customers that our product are indeed UV-C light and with effective sterilization

Our UNIUVC team members answer every email. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.