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LED has longer lifespan

As an engineer, I vouch that this is very well designed. I will talk in more simple terms in this review. Their technology of emitting UV-C using LED beads is overall more efficient, has longer lifespan usage, and much more sustainable than using mercury lamp. And I've tested their LED bead, it's emits real UVC energy! Let me break down the pros and cons between LED bead and mercury lamp. - LED is ozone-free, mercury-free, and secure which makes it more eco-friendly. / Mercury lamp contains mercury and it's housed in glass which causes a lot of safety risks after cracking, which makes it very unsafe for the environment and animals. - LED sterilizes much quicker in a matter seconds while Mercury lamp takes 5 minutes+ The longer time doesn't mean it does a better job at disinfecting either - LED is actually more powerful. - Mercury lamp generally has a shorter lifespan (just think light bulbs). I can go on and on... A little back story...before stumbling upon UNIUVC, I've actually ordered a few other sterilizing boxes on Amazon and PhoneSoap. Many of the ones from Amazon are complete shit. I've even ordered some on Amazon that claimed UVC LED, but when I got the product they were those decorating led lights that obviously has no UVC energy at all. And then I ordered Phonesoap - they use mercury lamp. What a disappointment. The lamp needs 30 minutes to ventilate after use (they don't tell you this). I've searched high and low for the best uvc sanitizer, I'm so glad came across this site.

Altuva D.
United States United States
Great UVC Rays

UVC lighting has been used for years to kill airborne germs. But with so many products out in the market you don't know which ones are really using UVC light rays to sterilize your phone. This one includes a test card. Immediately I knew if a company would take the initiative to include a test kit, it means the product is legit. Out of the many many phone sterilizers in the market, NONE gives a test card when your purchase their product. Please do your research when buying products that "claim" it is UVC rays. This product by uniUVC sterilizer works.

Constance T.
United States United States
Extremely Grateful

As a mother of 3 young kids, I already am very mindful of germs and telling them to wash their hands often. But germs spread very easy and with them being glue to their phones all day, I knew I had to get a product like this. I researched other products, but this seems to be the best made. Its fast, (1 minute sanitizing), portable (being expandable), had wireless charging (which its more needed than you expect, especially with 3 kids). This is a purchase I'm very very glad with and a product that I'm extremely satisficed with

Ally A.
United States United States
Worth all the 5 Star Reviews

This product has a lot 5 star reviews. I can see why now after receiving this product in the mail. Product itself its exactly as described and as I imagine with these reviews. Even better was the company as they were very responsive to my order. From shipping to updating me they are an A+

Angelica W.
United States United States
99.99% in 60 seconds!

Still am amaze in less than 1 minute, my phone is 99.99 germ free. Use the included test strip and love how it visually shows the UVC rays working in this uniUVC product, cause obviously you shouldn't be looking those led lights with your eyes. That's how I know this is a great product made by a great company, when they pay attention to the little details as well. To prevent your eyes from being harm by looking at these UVC led rays, the device is automatically shut off if tilted at more than 45 degrees. Its the small stuff like these that separates uniUVC from the rest of the pack

Anson C.
United States United States
Powerful LED lights

These 3 LED lights really does the job in 1 minute. I tested other products, some flat out don't work, Whereas others that do take 5 minute. But at least it works. This is the best of both worlds. Fast and Effective, with a wireless charger to boot. Very well designed and made by uniUVC

Edward L.
United States United States
Lysol No More

Back then I would spray Lysol on my phone and keys everyday. However during this Covid-19 pandemic, it was harder and harder to find these sprays. Now with uniUVC, it replaces these alcohol sprays and gives me more convenient and eco-friendly way of staying germ-free. Very happy satisfy customer

Warren T.
United States United States
A Necessity

Out of the many gadgets in the world, this one is a must have for my home, especially during these times. Works as exactly as advertised and easily accommodates my Iphone Pro 11 Max, credit cards, wallet, keys, eyeglass, etc. Great Product!

United States United States
By Far Best in the Market!

I have been searching for a UVC sanitizing device for my daily use items. I don't want to constantly spray my $XXX cell phone with Lysol or with these harsh wet wipes, I don't want to constantly wash my phone in soap and water as not sure knowing it its kills germs during these Covid-19 pandemic times. This seems to be the newest in the market and also seem really effective. First they included a UVC test strip which I place in the device to visually see the lights working. It works! Additionally it took within 1 minute!! I actually purchased 2 other brands and used the test strip to see if it work, Nada.... and their models took 5 minute to sanitize

Scottie B.
United States United States


Clifton R.
United States United States
So much easier than washing and Lysol

So much easier and quicker to use than washing items with soap or spraying down with Lysol. Believe me over a period if time it gets very repetitive and tiring. This makes my life so much easier

Sasa C.
United States United States
Gift for myself for Chinese New Year

Every year during Chinese new year, its a tradition to received a lot "red envelope" as a good luck gift for our Chinese new year. Inside these red packets contain a lot dollar bills. After a lot research this seem one of the best sterilizer on the market, with its strong and quick UVC sterilizing led light rays. Because cash bills prob passes hands from one person to another frequently its very dirty, additionally I cannot spray it with Lysol because its paper, this sterilizer seems to be perfect for what I need during this holiday festival.

Joe N.
United States United States
Purchased last year and still working great

Purchased one for myself last year and it worked great and no problems at all. Decided to purchase another one for my mother as a birthday gift. She loved it

Carmen E.
United States United States
Well Made, Versatile, Multiple Uses

Premium made product. Fits phones, keys, credit cards, cash. Used multiple times throughout the day due to extremely quick sainting. 1 minute per cycle.

Toby H.
United States United States
Easy and Quiet

Very easy to use. Love how quiet it is and no need to buy replacement parts like filters, light bulbs, etc. Clean super fast and super easy

Barbara Z.
United States United States
Cleans Everything

Love the UNIUVC, Very reassuring knowing that mine phone, keys, makeup brushes, chapstick that I carried outside its all clean and hygienic to used when home.

Robert N.
United States United States
Great Sterilizer

Great Sterilizer and use it all the time to clean my phone

Cannon Q.
United States United States
Superb Quality

Quality of UNIUVC sanitizer is unmatched. Very well made device with quality marksmanship. Flexible and Versatile, allowing me to collapse it down to carry it to work, while also wireless charging it.

Adrian B.
United States United States
Powerful LED lights

Very fast and easy to use. Love the included test paper to show the validity of the UV-C lights. Great Product

Maureen W.
United States United States
Peace of Mind

Gives me and my love ones a peace of mind when using our devices afterwards.